Adult discipleship and spiritual formation focuses on creating environments where adults of all ages form a community of supportive, deeply-committed Christian relationships.  Grow Groups offer participants short-term options (up to 12 weeks) as well as ongoing groups that meet different days throughout the week. We also have special events, prayer groups, and men’s and women’s groups that meet monthly.  

Through these groups and learning experiences, adults grow deeper in their faith and develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.  Together they study the Bible, engage in Christian conversation and friendship, pray with and for one another, and serve in ministry and missions. Many of these groups reach beyond our walls and engage in local community service projects.

We invite you to preview any of our Grow Groups and discover which group is right for you. If you have questions about any of the Grow Groups available or about adult ministries in general, please contact Pastor Rev. Megan Gomez and discover how to connect with specific groups and become part of our faith community.