Sunday Morning Grow Groups

9:30 AM

Just Walk Across the Room (Room 124) – A brand new class that will begin with a four week study providing an in depth look at our latest sermon series Just Walk Across the Room. This class will continue on with a new study following the end of Just Walk Across the Room.

Shared Journey (Room 128 A & B) – A group of men and women that aim to grow in their faith together through Bible study, Christian fellowship, and sharing life’s experiences.

Wesley Class (Room 101) – This group meets on first and third Sundays. All senior adults are welcome in this curriculum- based class!

Friendship Class (Room 123 A & B) – Singles and couples welcome. This is a lecture-style teaching class based on the Wesley Bible Curriculum.

10:45 AM

Just Say Jesus (Room 125) – A diverse group across multiple stages of life. Lessons are always Biblically centered and taught with humor, interesting historical perspectives, and life applications. There is also plenty of lively discussion!