Wellroot Easter Baskets

The message of Easter is the message of God’s love for the world. This year, as we continue to focus on sharing the gift of His enormous love with children within our church, our community and around the world, BFUMC have a unique opportunity to provide Easter baskets to 25 foster children served by Wellroot Family Services. After years of being known as the United Methodist Children’s Home, the organization changed its name to reflect their mission of helping children be firmly planted in a safe home environments that provide love and support, so he or she can become the person God created them to be. Each basket will contain a small chocolate bunny, an approved inspirational book, a pair of new shoes or an article of clothing and a new toy or activity. Baskets need to be large enough to hold all items and can be the traditional type or bucket type, that look like animals or that have age appropriate characters on them and may include Easter Grass if you would like. Wellroot will be providing the names, ages, sizes and interests for the children we are sponsoring by February 24th. Soon after that, a sample basket will be on display in Stars Cafe along with baskets containing cards for each specified item beginning this Sunday, February 26th. With the exception of the chocolate bunnies, each card will contain pertinent information regarding a specific child. Please help us to put a smile on the face of these special children. If you select a card to purchase a basket, a specified book, an article of clothing, shoes or a toy/activity, please be sure to return your note card with the item since each basket is personalized by child. Then, join us on March 19th to fill, wrap and tag each personalized basket in preparation for delivery Further information regarding time and location to fill baskets coming soon. Thank you for sharing joy in such a special way! If you have any questions, please