Rooted Youth Summer Events

Middle and High School Day

On June 5th, we will have a middle school and high school day! The cost is $30 and covers transportation, food, and the place. 

Middle schoolers will show up at 2:30pm for us to head to Rush and come back to the church for food and meet up with the high schoolers. 

High schoolers will show up at 5:30pm at the church to eat and fellowship during middle school pick up and then we will head to LumberJack Axe Throwing in Athens! 

To sign up for this event, click HERE.

Rooted Youth Tubing Day

Join us for tubing at Slow Water Tubing on June 25th. They open at 10am, so we will leave the church at 9am. We will return around 4-5pm. The cost is $25. This includes gas, tubing, and food. 

To sign up for this event, click HERE.

Guys and Girls Night!

The guys and girls will separate and enjoy some time having fun on their own on July 17th from 5-7pm at the church.

To sign up for this event, click HERE.

Slip N Slide Kickball

Join us for our Annual Slip N Slide Kickball, here at the church, on Sunday, July 31st from 5-7pm! Be sure to invite a friend!

Bible Study

Starting Wednesday, June 8th, we will have Bible Study at 4pm, every other week. Please contact Matt Brown if you need a ride!