Current Sermon Series

“He Shall Be Called…”

There are many titles given to Jesus in the Bible, but what do they all mean? In Isaiah 9:6-7 the prophet Isaiah foretold of the birth of Israel’s coming Messiah and King. We know Jesus is that promised Messiah and during Advent we prepare once again to celebrate His birth. In this passage Jesus is giving four titles – Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. In those days kings were given titles to announce their accomplishments and characteristics to their people. These titles for Jesus are no different. In these titles we learn that Jesus provides us guidance and wise counsel, protection and safety, intimately cares for our needs, and offers us everlasting peace. Each of these titles is rooted in Jesus’ kingship. Jesus is not just a future king promised to us. We are citizens of God’s Kingdom today, so it is essential that we understand who our king is! This Advent we will explore these amazing titles given to Jesus and gain a new and relevant perspective on our Savior and King who was born in a manger.