Little Free Food Pantry

Did you know that we have a Little Free Food Pantry? There is a small house outside the classroom hallway that is meant to house food for people in need of a meal. Whether families with kids or people passing through with dogs, the pantry is open to everyone. You can place food donations directly in the Little Free Food Pantry house or you can drop them off at the blue Mission Wall in the Stars Cafe.

*Please note – the Little Free Food Pantry DOES NOT replace our monthly House of Bread Food Pantry on the first Saturday of every month (9:30 – 11:30am).*

Here are some of the most needed items:

Canned Meat (with a pop-top)
Peanut Butter
Protein Bars
Mac & Cheese
Bar Soap

We are also in need of people to stock our Little Free Food Pantry on a rotating basis from our inside Little Free Food Pantry Shelves. Our hope is to have one person fill in the morning and one person in the evening. If you would like to volunteer or need more information, please contact Pastor Beth Dickinson.