Kidz Serve Opportunities

We encourage our kidz to live into the same CORE VALUES we try to live into! WINGS: WORSHIP: What would Jesus do? INVITE: Tell others about Jesus! NURTURE: Godly friendships! GROW: study God’s Word! SERVE: Give of your time, talents and resources! Each week, kidz have the opportunity to earn a WINGS point for coming to church, participating in the worship time and lesson, memorizing the Memory Verse of the Month, bringing offering, and participating in our church-wide collections and serve opportunities. We also count any service projects they participate in outside of church (at school, in sports, with Scouts, etc.). You can text, email, message, or send in a note with your child each Sunday to let us know how many items they donated to which ministries or how they served in other ways. Thank you!

For more info on our current serve opportunities in the church, click HERE.